mh acoustics’ patented Eigenmike® microphone array is composed of many professional quality microphones positioned on the surface of a rigid sphere. Eigenmike® microphone array technology is a two-step process: First the outputs of the individual microphones are combined using digital signal processing to create a set of Eigenbeams. A complete set of Eigenbeams capture the soundfield up to the spatial order of the beamformer. Second, the Eigenbeams are combined to steer multiple simultaneous beampatterns that can be focused to specific directions in the acoustic field.

By the process of eigenbeamforming, the sound-field captured by the Eigenmike® array can be steered and virtually ‘aimed’ in a desired direction. Steering can be done in real time or the entire sound field can be recorded and edited or rendered at a later time.

Real-time applications include teleconferencing, hands-free automobile cell phones, close-talking applications, and multichannel surround sound recording. Forensic applications include security and surveillance, sports/news reporting, sound production for music/film/broadcast, gaming and consumer products.

mh acoustics is currently shipping the 32-element em32 Eigenmike® microphone array. Each em32 consists of an 8.4 cm diameter rigid sphere with large professional-grade electret pressure microphones.

Individual channel programmable gain preamplifiers and 24-bit A/D conversion are done inside the Eigenmike® spherical array. Digital output from the em32 array is via a standard CAT-5 cable that is routed to an mh acoustics EMIB (Eigenmike® Microphone Interface Box) termination box. The EMIB converts the proprietary multiplexed microphone signals into a Firewire audio stream and appears as a 32 channel audio driver to the PC. Users control the em32 outputs through mh acoustic’s EigenStudio application software available for both Mac and Windows PC’s.

Three Eigenmike®

Digital Signal Processing, Acoustics and Product Design

mh acoustics has developed a number of proprietary technologies and products in the areas of microphone arrays, noise suppression, multi-microphone electronic wind-noise removal and acoustic echo cancellation.

The mh team has decades of experience in digital signal processing, acoustics and product design.

We have expertise in digital audio signal processing algorithms and techniques to solve acoustic problems in the following areas:

  • Microphone arrays
  • Adaptive beamforming
  • Acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Electronic wind-noise reduction
  • Multichannel spatial noise suppression
  • Source localization

We are available for consulting to help you solve tough acoustics problems. Our proprietary  technology is available for licensing and integration into your product. mh acoustics’ small technology-focused company structure guarantees a high degree of flexibility allowing you to bring state-of-the art products to the market faster with superior performance. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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