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EigenStudio® and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

October 26, 2015 -- Jens

mh's EigenStudio® application can fail to work properly under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) when using audio devices with no inputs (e.g. Built-in Output on a MacBook Pro). Two possible work arounds are suggested: a) select an audio device that has outputs AND inputs or b) create an aggregate device by combining the output-only device with a device that  provides inputs (e.g. Built-in Microphone).

Current version of mh's EigenStudio® application

November 28, 2014 -- Jens

The current release of our EigenStudio® application is version 2.1.14 and is availabe for either OS X or Windows. This version provides improvements and bug fixes over the previous release and is highly recommended for all users. See the Readme file in the .zip download package for more information. EigenStudio 2.1.14 can be downloaded from the Download tab on the main page. The latest TCAT device drivers are also available in the Download tab. Updated versions of the Setup Guide and the Users Manuals are part of the download package.

em32 Eigenmike® sample recordings

April 27, 2014 -- gwe

A few sample recordings made with the em32 Eigenmike® microphone array :

•  Spring Peepers (frogs) recorded on a spring evening in Vermont
•  17-year Magicicada Periodical Cicadas recorded in mid June 2013 in NJ (around 80dBA!)
•  American football game with the Eigenmike® array in the first row at the 50-year line raised about 5 meters over the field
•  mh team member playing guitar in a living room at about 1 m from the guitar

EigenStudio® application version 2.1.3 for OS X

March 31, 2014 -- Jens

The two main improvements over the previous versions are: a) support for high resolution displays, and b) more robust communication between the app and the hardware which results in a faster response time for the PGA control.

The zip file is not bundled with the driver for the Eigenmike® hardware. In case you have not previously obtained the audio driver for OS X please download the version 2.0.10 zip file (in older news) and extract the driver from there.


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